What to do in Italy? 17 free ideas

Are you going to Italy and thinking about how to diversify your trip and make it unforgettable? We are ready to offer you seventeen ideas that will cheer you up in the beautiful land of wine and sun and keep your wallet intact.

Drink water from the lion’s head. Public drinking fountains in Italy are by no means uncommon. Combine business with pleasure: quench your thirst and save a couple of euros on buying bottled water.

Get up at dawn and have a photo shoot. Be sure to get up early to capture the special views of the place where you are relaxing. The absence of tourists and the morning coolness will surely provide you with a mood for the whole day, and the photos taken at this moment will allow you to remember this amazing moment forever.

Learn a couple of polite words as soon as you arrive in Italy. Make yourself a little cheat sheet with the necessary phrases in Italian and try to successfully insert them into your speech. For example, use the words “per favore” (“per favor” – please) and “arrivederci” (“arrivederchi” – goodbye).

Smile more and think less about what depresses you. (By the way, this advice can be followed not only on vacation.)

Every day, take one picture with a stranger you’re talking to.

Attend an Italian festival. You can plunge into the festive atmosphere of the Venice Carnival absolutely free of charge! Therefore, when going to Italy, do not be lazy and look for a real local holiday or celebration that you can attend.

Ask a local resident where they usually have lunch or dinner. It is likely that the place he names will not be in your guidebook.

Go to every church you meet along the way. All of them are amazing and unique, and many of them have an interesting legend that the locals will be happy to share.

Order a dish in any Italian restaurant without looking at the menu. Just ask the waitress to bring you her favorite food.

Try to help a lost tourist just like you. Being human and caring causes your brain to produce serotonin, which directly affects your good mood.

Feel free to talk to strangers. Especially if these strangers are Italians. Who else but they will tell you all the secrets and subtleties of the Italian mentality and culture.

If you are traveling on your own and alone, join someone who also spends time unaccompanied by friends and loved ones. Sitting down with a stranger at dinner is perfectly acceptable in Italy.

Climb the highest mountain in the area. The chances that you will find a small and charming church there are extremely high, and you are guaranteed a stunning view from above.

Complain less, even if things aren’t going well or according to plan. Don’t let the little things ruin your vacation.

Visit museums for free. Many Italian museums offer either huge discounts or free admission on certain days. All that is required of you is before you go on a tour, look at the official website of the attraction and check for discounts.

Chat with other travelers just like you. Try to find out what they liked the most about what they did after they arrived in Italy.

Download useful travel apps to your mobile phone. They will greatly facilitate your life in a foreign country and even help you paint it in all the colors of the rainbow.