Positano – Italian Paradise!

Positano – Italian Paradise – one of the most picturesque and colorful cities of the Tyrrhenian coast of Italy.

Positano is said to have been founded by the god of the seas, Poseidon. Fascinated by the beauty of the nymph Pasithea, Poseidon gave her this town on the sea, which he named Positano in her honor.

Positano is also called the “Coast of the Sirens”, since, according to Homer, this is where the sweet-voiced blues that destroy ships lived.

From a small fishing village, Positano has transformed into a popular holiday destination. And indeed, the calmness and color of the narrow streets of the town, the turquoise water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, immersion in the greenery of pines and lemon trees, the smells and tastes of delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the warm sea and wonderful beaches … is this not a place for “heavenly life”?!

In Positano, at different times, many popular people rested and drew inspiration: Nicolas Cage, Mariah Carey, Mick Jagger, Sophia Loren … and many many others.

The beaches of Positano
One of the prides of the town is the beautiful long pebble beaches. The beaches stretch on both sides of the Positano pier, and everyone can find a secluded place for themselves.

Positano’s most famous beach is Spiaggia Grande, home to popular beach bars, restaurants and dance floors. Spiaggia Grande is home to the famous rock disco Club Music on the Rocks.

A less active beach, more suitable for families, is La Spiaggia di Fornillo, located to the left of the pier. You can’t go wrong looking for this beach, it’s guarded on both sides by medieval watchtowers, which adds to the atmosphere.

Good but less popular Positano beaches are Ciumicello, Arienzo and La Porta.

The swimming season in Positano lasts from May to November.

In May and October the water temperature is 20-22 degrees, in summer the water warms up to 27 degrees.

What to see in Positano?

The main attraction of Positano is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin / Santa Maria Assunta, where the real treasure is kept – the ancient Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna and Child. The icon is considered the patroness of the city. On August 15 of each year, a celebration is held in honor of the icon with a carnival and fireworks. The recognizable mosaic dome of the church is visible from almost everywhere.

Separately, I will say about the wonderful streets and steps of Positano. Unusually colorful and lovely streets will hide you in the midday heat in the natural shade of grapes. While walking, you can indulge in carefree shopping, buy a beach tunic or hat, a souvenir made of lemons, or with the image of lemons, taste the local liquor – limoncello, and even sew sandals to order 😉

Do not forget to take a boat ride along the coast and around the La Galli Islands where the eastern villa of Rudolf Nureyev is located. After all, the view of Positano from the sea is a separate pleasure!